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Saliva Collection Kit


The Resolve Saliva Sample Collection Kit provides a simple and easy-to-use method for the collection of plain saliva samples. The kit comes with a convenient funnel, a 5.0 mL Saliva Collection Tube, a screw cap to secure the sample after collection and sample discard bag. The Saliva Collection Tube integrates easily into automatic processing and analysis workflows. Each collection kit is individually packaged in single-use pouches enabling easy distribution for high-throughput saliva collection.


  • Individually packed, single-use, zip lock pouches to protect the kit.

  • Non-invasive, simple, 0.5 to 5mL Saliva Self-Collection Kit.

  • Saliva Collection Tube fits most automated liquid handler racks.

  • Integrates seamlessly into high-throughput laboratory workflows.

  • Compatible with DNA/RNA isolation or direct-to-PCR workflows.
    • Versatile: Standard-sized cap compatible with commercial decapper systems.
    • High Purity Grade: Sterilized with gamma irradiation.
    • Easy Handling: The tubes can be opened and closed quickly and safely with a single hand, to enable faster liquid transfer.
    • High Safety: The cap is securely connected to the tube, thereby eliminating the risk of leakage or contamination.


Format: Box

Includes: Sterilized Resolve Saliva Collection Kit (Tube, Cap, Funnel, Discard bag)

Quantity: 20 nos.

Sterilization Shelf Life: 24 months

Storage Requirement: 15°C to 30°C

Type: Sample / Specimen Collection

For Use: Research/Lab Use only

Certification: Gamma Irradiation

Easy to use


To use the Resolve Saliva Collection Kit, the saliva donor follows five easy steps:

1. Attach the funnel to the tube

2. Fill until saliva (not including bubbles) matches the marking

3. Remove and discard the funnel in the discard bag provided

4. Dispose the funnel in bio-hazard bag

5. Screw on the cap to securely close

(See figure above for pictorial instructions)

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