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DBH 1000 series
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Small, Smart, Specific- Elevating Bio Processing Excellence!

Experience the power of small, smart, and specific bio processing with BioDuo, brought to you by Resolve Diagnostics. This exceptional Dual Head Peristaltic Pump combines compactness with intelligent design to deliver unparalleled performance.


BioDuo’ s compact form factor (293mm x 174mm x 169mm) maximizes space utilization in your laboratory or production facility, allowing seamless integration into your workflow. Its small size doesn't compromise on functionality, as it is smartly engineered to provide precise fluid control and consistent flow rates for even the most specific and demanding applications.

The BioDuo series with its dual head configuration, the pump takes performance to new heights. It combines the power of two independent pumps, working seamlessly to deliver exceptional fluid control. This operation ensures consistent flow rates, minimizing variations & maximizing process efficiency.

BioDuo offers versatility with its variable diameter tubing feature. Easily adapt to different tubing sizes, allowing flexibility in your bio processing applications. This enables you to handle a wide range of fluid volumes with optimal performance.


Navigating the functionalities of BioDuo is effortless, thanks to its intuitive touch screen display. With a user-friendly interface, you can easily configure settings, adjust parameters, and stay informed about crucial data in real-time. The smart design of BioDuo puts control at your fingertips, empowering you to optimize your bio processing with ease.

Monitoring the running status of BioDuo is effortless, thanks to its LED indicators. The LED indicators provide clear visual cues, allowing you to quickly assess the pump's operational status at a glance.

Enhancing the security of your bio processing operations, BioDuo is equipped with a screen locking mechanism. This feature allows you to lock the touch screen display, preventing accidental changes to settings. The screen locking mechanism provides peace of mind, ensuring the integrity of your bio processing parameters.

BioDuo’ s dual head configuration takes smart functionality to the next level. Each pump operates independently, delivering exceptional fluid control and flow rates. This simultaneous and independent functioning enhances process efficiency, allowing you to perform complex bio processing tasks with precision.


Built with robust materials and subjected to rigorous quality control, BioDuo ensures unwavering reliability and long-lasting performance, minimizing downtime during critical experiments or production runs.

Calibrating BioDuo is a breeze, thanks to its simplified calibration process. With user-friendly instructions and intuitive controls, calibrating the pump becomes a straightforward task. BioDuo’ s simplified calibration ensures accurate and precise fluid dispensing, eliminating the guesswork and streamlining your bio processing workflow.

BioDuo goes above and beyond in ensuring the integrity of your bio processing. It features IP31 ingress protection, safeguarding the internal components from dust and moisture to maintain optimal performance and longevity, even in challenging environments.

Additionally, BioDuo maintains a continuous 2-bar pressure across the tube, ensuring consistent fluid flow and optimal processing conditions. This capability is essential for maintaining the accuracy and reliability of your bio processing, enabling precise and reproducible results.

Enhancing your compliance with GMP standards, BioDuo is designed with features and materials that meet the rigorous requirements of GMP regulations. This ensures that your bio processing operations maintain the highest level of quality, consistency, and safety.


Step into the future of bio processing with BioDuo - small, smart, specific, easily calibrated, and equipped with advanced features like IP31 ingress protection and continuous 2-bar pressure across the tube. Experience the compact powerhouse that redefines precision, reliability, and efficiency while ensuring the utmost protection and performance. Unleash the full potential of BioDuo and revolutionize your bio processing endeavors with confidence and ease. Discover the transformative impact of BioDuo and elevate your bio processing to new heights.


Q. Which applications can the Dry Bath Heater be used? A. The Dry Bath Heater / Incubator is used to heat samples in a variety of applications. These devices are widely used in molecular biology and clinical and environmental laboratories. The Dry Bath Heater with heated lid can be widely used in LAMP, NASBA, RPA, sample preservation and reaction and electrophoresis pre-denaturation, serum coagulation, nucleic acid and protein denaturation treatment. Q. What does the term ‘Surround Heat’ technology describe/stand for? A. Heat based reactions cause vapours, condensation and micro-droplets. These can cause major risks of cross and repeated contamination. In order to minimize the risks such as amplicon contamination, false positives and result errors, Resolve Dry Bath Heater comes with heated lid without physical contact that is based on ‘Surround heat’ technology. 'Surround heat' technology maintains constant heat cloud over the block preventing occurrence of any kind of condensation. This means there are no more sample loss, amplicon contamination or cross contamination due to condensation. Q. Will the tubes be damaged due to heated lid? A. The Resolve Dry Bath Heater comes with hollow heated lid, with no contact between tube and lid. The spacious, hollow block lid ensures that the tubes do not come in contact with the heated lid. This also removes worries about labels melting or any tube cap deformations. Q. How can the temperature accuracy be verified? A. Most dry baths in the industry have sensors underneath the heat plate, on which the dry bath is placed. This is a major point of failure when there are discrepancies between the display temperature and actual temperature. Our dry bath has sensors embedded within the aluminium heat block. This ensures accuracy and acts a failsafe for catching block degradation. The same can be verified using external temperature probe. Additionally, dual sensors are present on either ends of the heat block ensure desired temperature is maintained uniformly (up to +/- 0.5°C) on the entire heat block. Dual sensor check can catch any sensor malfunction. No more temperature discrepancies to affect assay performance and results. Q. Is it possible to run more than one program in automatic succession on a Resolve Dry Bath Heater? A. Yes. The Resolve Dry Bath Heater comes with ‘Set and Step Away’ feature, where up to 10 cycles of custom temperature and time can be set in 3 simple steps and run in automatic succession. Q. Which aluminum blocks can be used with Resolve Dry Bath Heater? A. The Resolve Dry Bath Heater possess a fixed installed silver anodized aluminium block and can only be used with the appropriate PCR tubes or strips. These blocks are available for 0.2ml, 0.5 ml and in combination of 0.2ml and 0.5 ml microtubes. In addition to the these, blocks are also available for 1.5ml and 2ml tubes on request. Q. How would I come to know if the cycle is completed or if there is some discrepancy in the temperature? A. The Dry Bath Heater comes with built-in buzzer or an alarm function to alert users of important events such as reaching the predefined temperature, and failure to regulate fluctuating temperate. It also comes with inbuilt safety features for thermal runaway and overheating protection. Q. Does the product have shaker featured dry baths, also known as thermo-shakers or thermo-mixers? A. No. The dry bath heater comes with only heating facility from 5°C above ambient up to 99°C. Q. What does the temperature verification include and how often does it need to be carried out? A. To ensure that your Dry Bath heater delivers reproducible and correct results, temperature verification, calibration and adjustment - if required - are strongly recommended. Temperature verification is a very accurate and precise method and complies with all laboratory requirements with regard to documentation and detection in accordance with national and international standards. Q. What do you need to look out for before carrying out a QC process? A. The device must be freely accessible and all samples removed from the device. You should also ensure that the device has cooled down already. Q. How often does the OQ need to be carried out for a Dry Bath Heater? A. The company is responsible for technical checks of devices. Resolve Diagnostics recommends regular device qualifications depending on the intensity of use; however, they should be carried out at least once every quarter. Q. How can I streamline the QC process as per GMP or International Standards? A. The system check and in-built calibration function under the settings menu of the Dry Bath Heater, can assist you to perform timely maintenance and calibration as per GMP / International standards as and when required. Q. How can my device be cleaned and which cleaning agents and disinfectants can be used for cleaning and disinfection for Resolve Dry Bath Heater? A. Switch off the device, disconnect the mains/power plug and make sure that no liquid can get into the inside of the housing. When cleaning has been completed, the device should only be connected when it is fully dry on the inside and on the outside. Do not use any aggressive chemicals on the device or its accessories such as strong and weak bases, strong acids, acetone, formaldehyde, halogenated hydrocarbons or phenol. If the device is contaminated with aggressive chemicals, clean it immediately using a mild cleaning agent. Use a lint-free cloth and a mild, soapy laboratory cleaner, diluted isopropyl and distilled water. Clean the housing and the block regularly. The holes of the blocks should be regularly cleaned with the damp cloth to ensure the test tube be well contacted with the wall of the holes so as to have good heat conduction. If the surface of the instrument is polluted, it can be cleaned with a slightly damp soft cloth. Please refer to your operating manual for further information - Maintenance chapter. Q. What types of training or online training do you offer? A. Please visit the Resolve Diagnostics products webpage for product demos, its features, specifications and videos for training and usage. Kindly contact the Resolve Customer support for further information and a quotation. Q. How to pick up the among these models? A. Tell us your request on product, we recommend you the most suitable model. Q. How to place order or pay? A. You can place order to us directly by contacting at We will offer you quotation as per your need with bank information and Performa invoice, you pay and we ship the product. Alternatively, you may also purchase through our website (online shopping) or through our distributors. Q. How would you transport the product? A. We transport the product as per your requirement. Depending on the quantity and the machine you order or whether it is urgent or not, we will suggest suitable transportation way. If you order is outside of India, and in large batch and not very urgent, it's best to ship by sea. In India, we ship through our logistics partner. All details with respect to shipping and tracking of order will be emailed to you on your registered email address. Q. What kind of warranty will be offered? A. When used in laboratory conditions and according to the operation instructions and maintenance, the product is warranted for 12 months against defective materials or workmanship. The warranty is from the date of delivery. During the warranty time, if there is any issue or complaints, we offer replacement (excluding shipping).


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