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15mL Circular Tube Racks



- Reduce errors through Colour Coded Workflows

- Pack Size: Pack of 2, Pack of 8

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​The Resolve Circular Tube Racks are available in various tube sizes and in multiple colours for simplifying processes in any laboratory. The tube racks are circular and have a compact space saving design. The racks can be used for sample processing, storage or transport of samples. The multiple colour options can help streamline workflows and add a bit of fun to the lab!


  • Usage: Useful in path labs,protein purification, microbiology and research labs

  • Ensures tubes stand upright

  • Compact circular design helps in saving workspace

  • Multiple colours for various lab uses

  • Temperature resistance from −80° to +37°C

  • Compatible with a 2-Litre clamp in an Incubator Shaker at a max temperature of 37°C

  • The 15mL tube racks are also compatible with 5mL tubes.


Shape: Circular
Dimension: 140 mm diameter X 70 mm height
Autoclavable: Non autoclavable
Material: Plastic Composite
Pack Size: Pack of 2, Pack of 8
For use with (lab equipment): 15 mL tubes

Product Description

Simplify Processes – Resolve Circular Tube Racks
Optimize efficiency in laboratory by using Resolve circular tube racks available in eight different colours. These benchtop racks are an essential laboratory accessory for sample processing, storage or transport of samples. Compact space saving design and circular rack system helps to clearly arrange various workflows resulting in user benefits such as error-free handling, streamlining as per functionality and workflows, easy tube access and flexible use of tube racks.

15mL Circular Tube Racks-Product Discription1_20221117_v1.jpg
15mL Circular Tube Racks-Product Discription2_20221117_v1.jpg
15mL Circular Tube Racks-Product Discription3_20221117_v1.jpg
15mL Circular Tube Racks-Product Discription4_20221117_v1.jpg


Q. What sizes of tube racks are available? A. The tube racks are available in 15ml and 50ml tubes. 15mL tube racks can be used for 5mL tubes. Q. Up to what temperature can the tube be incubated in orbital shaker? A. The tube racks have temperature resistance from −80° to +37°C. Q. Are the Tube Rack autoclavable? A. The tube rack is not autoclavable Q. Are the tube racks stackable? A. The tube racks can be stacked when not in use. However, we recommend to stack only 3 to 4 tube racks when not in use. Q. Are the tube racks compatible with clamp in Incubator shaker? A. The racks are compatible with a 2-Litre clamp in an Incubator Shaker for a max temperature of 37°C. Please contact our sales team for more details. Q. How may tubes does the tube rack hold? A. The 15ml tube rack can hold 24 tubes, while the 50ml tube rack can hold 8 tubes. Q. Is the tube rack compatible for holding other tubes? A. The 15mL tube racks are compatible with 5mL tubes. Q. What are the colour options available? A. There are eight colour options Yellow, Pink, White, Blue, Violet, Red, Orange and Grey Q. What is the minimum quantity? Is there option for bulk buying? A. The tube racks are available in single, double and pack of eight based on the customer requirement. Yes, we can also provide orders for large quantity and bulk buying. Q. The test tubes / centrifuge Tubes are not fitting in the test tube rack. What should I do? A. On occasion, due to minor discrepancies in manufacturing processes, a test tube or centrifuge tube may not fit easily into the tube rack. If you have difficulty placing the tube in the tube rack, DO NOT force the test tube / centrifuge tube into the rack. This may cause damage to the tube (shatter if glass or deform shape if polypropylene) and may also cause injury. Contact the customer support team to obtain a replacement test tube rack.


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