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Nuclease-Free 5mL Tubes

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The Resolve colorless 5.0 mL tubes have the ability to process samples from 0.5–5 mL, which provides an excellent option for tubes between 2 mL and 15 mL. Made from transparent polypropylene material, the tubes are of exceptionally high-quality, free of plasticizers, biocides or mold release agents. The tubes are compatible with accessories of 15 mL tubes i.e. exiting adapters and racks can be used. The tubes can be used for samples, cell culture or preparation of large volumes of master mixes, buffers or dilution series.


Collection Kit - Tube1-1.png


Sterilized by Gamma Irradiation. Pack of 200(100x2 bags), Colorless, 5.0mL

Collection Kit - Tube1-1.png

DNAse free

Tubes are tested for presence of human/bacterial DNa. Packs of 200 (100x2 bags), colorless, 5.0mL


  • Easier processing of samples up to 5.0 mL

  • Convenient and safe cell culture applications

  • Lower risk of contamination due to easier sample access Leakage-proof screw cap with better grip avoids contamination

  • Useful in preparation of master mixes and buffers

  • Less storage space needed compared to 15 mL and 50 mL tubes

  • Compatible with 15 mL centrifuge rotors


Diameter: 17 mm
Light protection: no
Packing: 50 tubes per bag
Autoclavable: no
Purity grade: Sterile
Color: Colorless
Material: Tube & Cap - Polypropylene
Volume: 5.0 mL

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